The Ease of Photographer Constantine Manos

The Ease of Photographer Constantine Manos | Another era, another world: 1960s rural Greece. Photos by Constantine Manos.

Another era, another world: rural Greece, Unique photographs from Constantine Manos’s ‘Greek Portfolio’ are on display at the Benaki Museum By Elias Magglinis

Constantine Manos 1964 Greece. Crete. 1964. Woman at Easter procession.

Creta, 1964 by Konstantinos Manos. "Greater Week" in Christianity is the week just before Easter. In the west, it is also the last week of Lent,

Constantine Manos.-

A woman cooks on a sharecropper farm in South Carolina, (Photo by Constantine Manos)

Constantine Manos

In the ceremony, Easter Sunday. "A Greek Portfolio" © Costa Manos/Magnum Photos