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St Anna

St Anna – Damascene Gallery

Madre de nuestra confianza

María, maestra de vida espiritual

Madre de nuestra confianza

Sant'Anna con Maria Bambina per mano di Maria Teresa Battilana

Sant'Anna con Maria Bambina per mano di Maria Teresa Battilana

icon of St Anne with Mary - St. Elizabeth workshop


painted icon of holy righteous anna

IMP-03-01-51 St Anna

Select from both options (paints and size) to see the price of the icon. A painted icon of the Holy Righteous Anna, the mother of the Most Holy Theotokos. Commemorated on August 7, September 22, and December 22 (Conception of the Most Holy Theotokos). Materials This icon is painted using the following materials: Acrylic or tempera paints Lime, pine, or alder board Gesso Colored wax Gold leaf Linseed oil Hide glue Varnishes (mordant, kauri gum, acryl-styrolic) Size This icon of the Holy…

St Joachim & Anna Icon

After years of childlessness, an angel appeared to the aged Saints Joachim and Anna promising them a child. Saint Anna vowed to dedicate their child to the service of God. She gave birth to the holy Virgin Mary on September 8th. Three years later, in fulfillment of their vow, Saints Joachim and Anna took the Blessed Virgin to the temple, where they presented her to the priest Zacharias for a life of divine service as hand maiden in the template. Our Ss Joachim and Anna Icon portrays the…

St. Anna