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Τι σημαίνει το όνομα Ιησούς;

Εκ της Ιεράς Μητροπόλεως Μεσογαίας και Λαυρεωτικής Κυριακή προ της Χριστού Γεννήσεως σήμερα, και τα Αναγνώσματα είναι σχετικά με τη μεγάλη εορτή των Χριστουγέννων. Ακούσαμε στο ευαγγελικό Ανάγνωσμα μετά τον γενεαλογικό κατάλογο του Κυρίου τα περιστατικά της κατά σάρκα Γεννήσεώς Του. Άγγελος Κυρίου εμφανίσθηκε στον Ιωσήφ, «κατ’ όναρ», και του είπε ότι η μνηστή του Μαρία είναι αγνή, και το παιδί που κυοφορεί, δεν είναι συνηθισμένο, διότι προέρχεται από τη δημιουργική ενέργεια του Αγίου…

painted orthodox icon weep not for me o mother Religious Images, Religious Icons, Religious Art, Byzantine Icons, Byzantine Art, Mary Magdalene And Jesus, Writing Icon, Christ Pantocrator, Christ Tattoo

IMP-05-07 Painted Weep Not For Me O Mother icon

Select from both options (paints and size) to see the price of the icon. A painted Weep Not For Me O Mother icon of the Mother of God. Materials This icon is painted using the following materials: Acrylic or tempera paints Lime, alder, or pine board Gesso Colored wax Gold leaf Linseed oil Hide glue Varnishes (mordant, kauri gum, acryl-styrolic) Size This icon is available in several sizes: 19×25 cm 23.5×31 cm 27×35 cm 30×41 cm 40×52 cm Decorations This icon has a hand-carved rectangular…

Eastern orthodox icon of our Jesus Christ "The Good Shepherd" "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. Christ The Good Shepherd, Lord Is My Shepherd, Jesus Shepherd, Byzantine Icons, Byzantine Art, Religious Icons, Religious Art, Ora Et Labora, The Lost Sheep

Totus Tuus Mariae

“As minhas ovelhas ouvem a minha voz; eu as conheço, e elas me seguem. Eu lhes dou a vida eterna, e elas jamais perecerão; ninguém as poderá arrancar da minha mão. Meu Pai, que as deu para mim, é...

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Icon of Christ Enthroned – J09

Choose Size for Mounted Icons or Laminated Prints. After Selection - Price will Show with Dimensions below. Tap Description below for Information about this Icon. The Laminated Print selections are made to order. Please allow up to 14 to 21 business days for laminated prints although they may ship sooner.

Jesus Christ of Kazan inches Byzantine Orthodox Handmade Icon Canvas on Wood Religious Images, Religious Art, Jesus Is Lord, Jesus Christ, Savior, God, Holy Art, Christ Pantocrator, Holy Quotes

Jesus Christ from Kazan (Aged icon - SW Series)

Jesus Christ from Kazan - Seriograph icon crafted in canvas with colored background on aged natural wood. Stand included.