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Want to Stand Out at a Craft Show? Try these Display Tricks

Nothing more than its from original posted photo;)LK Bennett London,"The Artist",pinned by Ton van der Vee

"love the window and interior displays that Anthropologie whips up around the country!!! They truly believe in 'More is More' and have fun with it! I tell you, I want to be a 'display girl' for them when I grow up! Sigh... Check out this fun blog for more inspiring pictures!!! (photos via Flickr and Craving Anthropologie)"  ~ KJ~ I enjoy the imagination

A gallery of over creative Easter window display ideas and designs from all over the world, from fashion & apparel stores to trendy boutiques.

HM | If you can't take you store to the lake to the lake to your store! Use vinyl decals or even window painting to create the look of being half underwater in your window.

This window utilizes the feel of soft plastic to make it look like there is water in the storefront of the bathing suits.

Louis Vuitton Window Display

Best window displays - louis-vuitton hot-air balloon) Anthropologie did something similar with paper mache balloons.

Corradi Stefano @stefanony91 Glam garden Windo...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

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