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Mini landscapes on your finger with these #rings. #product #design

Mini-landscapes on your finger via these wooden rings

Clive Roddy is a UK-based designer. He’s made a series of laser-cut wooden rings that have miniature landscapes on them. Currently, the landscape rings are out of stock, but there’s a nifty new wave ring available on his Etsy page.

French "love ring," with hidden compartments that reveal messages like "Je T'aime" (I love you), Love rings, with hidden messages or inscriptions were customarily presented to women during courtship, prior to winning parental approval.

http://rubies.work/0211-ruby-rings/ Caravel pendant Late 16th century, Italian Gold, rubies, emeralds, pearls and enamel Hermitage Museum

Vintage Jewelry Caravel pendant Late century, Italian Gold, rubies, emeralds, pearls and enamel Hermitage Museum

Gold ring with a ruby, France, 16th century

Antiques Rings Gold ring with a ruby, France, century What do you think of the colour?

A blog about rings...hello! Crazy GOT like castle rings

Tiny, detailed, exquisite rings by Florence-based alchemist, Alessandro Dari. Each piece seems to tell the story of an enchanted castle and it's owner.

sombreboite: “ Silver Skull Vinaigrette (1700-1900) ”

Silver Skull Vinaigrette Europe Hold strong smelling substances to be sniffed via tiny holes. -memento mori- a reminder of death & carried at all times.

Gold finger-ring; cornelian bezel in form of cat Ancient Egyptian,

My spirit animal the cat in my stone, carnelian (according to Celtic beliefs). However this is actually a Gold finger-ring. Carnelian, in form of cat; wedjat-eye on under-side. Ancient Egypt, from the Third Intermediate Period, 1070 - 712 BC.

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Die verzauberte Perle 14 K rose gold Ring

The Enchanted Pearl: Inspired by the Renaissance art, this breathtaking ring was designed by the artist and jewelry designer Sergey Zhiboedov.

This 200 year old Chinese abacus ring may be the world's first wearable tech gadget. :)

JOJO POST TECH GATE: This 200 year old ring may be the world’s first wearable tech gadget. Is this the first wearable computer? Chinese abacus ring was used during the Qing Dynasty to help traders.