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Mary Tuma - homes for the disembodiednext piece  2000, remade 2003. 50 meters of continuous fabric, fallen trees, thread, stones, wire. approximately 10' x 25' x 7' (dimensions variable)

We’re inspired by Mary Tuma’s exhibition titled ’Homes for the Disembodied’ shown in East Jerusalem in dresses made from 50 metres of continuous black silk, hung facing the same way.

by Raphael Hefti. «Subtraction as Addition» 2012 Luxar coated glass is a product used to eliminate reflection. Through the repeated layering of the treatment, reflection is reintroduced creating a surface with variable optical behaviour, reacting to the  ambient light conditions of the space. Dimension 120 x 220 x 3cm

Raphael Hefti often works with material processes and in this work, he uses a glass coating process which is used for the production of ‘museumglass’. By exaggerating and repeating this process, the large sheets of glass evolve with variable optical behav

"'While you were sleeping' was inspired by the legend of the win-laik-pya or 'soul butterfly'. It is believed that the soul-butterfly flies abroad when its owner is asleep, wandering through time and space, meeting the soul-butterflies of other persons and animals and returning when the owner awakes. Burmese children are still taught never to awaken anyone too suddenly, for fear the win-laik-pya cannot get back in time, in which case the person dies, or worse, lives on, without a soul."

Diy : Miroir en cartonnage et noeud avec broderie au ruban dans passion cartonnage et broderie n° 8

Su Blackwell’s paper dress installation, While You Were Sleeping (it makes me think of the end of Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride")

Private-Sunshine  - Janne Parviainen

Topographic Light Painting Maps Rooms and People in 3-D

Light art photographs and paintings of Finnish artist Janne Parviainen. Janne Parviainen is one of the most well known light painting artists.


'soft crash' aluminum sound sculpture by Kim Byoungho silver art creative beautiful ball balls sticks

Salt art from Motoi Yamamoto - www.motoi.biz

Incredible Salt Mazes by Motoi Yamamoto Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto creates incredibly intricate mazes made entirely out of salt! Currently showing at the Hakone Open-Air Museum in Kanagawa, Japan is one of his newest works entitled 'Forest of Beyond'.

<b>These interactive art installations bring a little glimpse of the surreal to real life.</b>

Ann Hamilton's the event of a thread

Ann Hamilton’s the event of a thread.- Would you live in these installations? These interactive art installations bring a little glimpse of the surreal to real life.

Rainbows in a stairwell

rainbow thread art installation -- In Como, Italy, this unbelievable thread installation is done by Mexican artist Gabriel Dawe