"Bubble of Consciousness"  A really cool angler fish/merman thing. I love it!

"Bubble of Consciousness" - Kevin Hays really unusual, great lighting treatment and an interesting character

The aesthetics that please me from this image are all about the art of the image. Because I'm an animator I care about these things. All the things like the composition, lighting and even the colour palette all stand out to me and make me feel enticed by the image.

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Fish People Design by Chopstuff.deviantart.com on @deviantART

needs smaller "ears", longer webbed feet, and a proto-sail on the back made with elongated spinal vertebrae. not a tall sail, just something to help like a rudder

can you see any religious organization or magazine salesman knocking on my front door??

castles waterfall bridge fantasy art castle by frederic st arnaud matte desktop wallpaper

Secret structures under iconic buildings…

Secret structures under iconic buildings…

Schusev State Museum of Architecture: Discover the full story // Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Russia, Moscow, Russia // Production: Carioca Studio

Ugly ass merrow or mermanthing

I’ve Got The Black Lung Pop…