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Covers for notebooks Emoji Create from : Back to school Dark Girl

AKI GIFS: 10 Gifs de ilusão de ótica

Stare at the center (while the gif is playing) for 20 to 40 seconds, then look at your hand - WHOAH. It looks like ur hand is moving

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It looks like President Obama's shout out to emojis wasn't in vain. Sony Pictures Animation has dropped just short of a million dollars to create a film.

Pile of Poo emoji across devices!! http://emojipedia.org/pile-of-poo/

An octopus emoji, with two eyes and eight tentacles. Between 3 and 6 of the tentacles are shown in most versions of this emoji.

Find out the names of all your favorite emoji! | Being Spiffy

Emoji Defined

form of expressions are you grateful for? "I don't quit understand the question" Want to know what you're really texting? Find emoji definitions here!

The 58 Yellow Smiley Emoji, Defined HA! One MAJOR reason to keep the iphone. Texting with friends (especially late at night) is HILARIOUS! HAHAHA the death emoji's quotes!