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Interesting. I photograph my dog more than anything. Does that mean I fear losing him? I don't know about that........

I never looked at it like this! Soooo true, especially since I only truly only take pictures of people I know and my family. Unlike those who only take pictures of themselves

207 Most Amazing Photography Slogans & Quotes To Inspire You

207 Most Amazing Photography Slogans & Quotes To Inspire You | Photography Websites & Logo Design

These straightforward photography recommendations could change your photographes and spare you time during the course of image editing and enhancing. Otherwise, permit's delve into this selection from exceptional photography tutorials.


The Earth without “art” is just “eh.” Great quote, great sentiment and so true. The world needs arts and crafts. 😉 More DIY Posts from DIY for Life Comments comments

Life is like a camera, just focus on what's important and capture the good times...

Roxybonds Close To My Heart CTMH consultant : Jewel Kade Custom Canvas

Parce que chaque image a une histoire à Tell - Wall Decal cite Home Decor Photo Frame mur Collage Accent dans ces Moments escalier décor

Because Every Picture Has A Story To Tell - Wall Decal Quote Home Decor Picture Frame Wall Collage Accent In these Moments Staircase decor

I'm gonna SHOOT YA!

10 cute easter photo ideas I am going to shoot someone A bunch of great advice to start a photography business~ just a thought for when I k.

Love letter

send someone a love letter or even just a letter - nice to get something handwritten via "snail mail" occassionally