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Will the next pope be African?

Will the new pope come from Africa?

Las Cosas con Humor y Ponzoña: La Globalización del Universo, según el "tío norteamericano" - http://bambinoides.com/las-cosas-con-humor-y-ponzona-la-globalizacion-del-universo-segun-el-tio-norteamericano/

Yes we call this American dream.

Retirement home...

An illustration for Amsterdams Steunpunt Wonen (ASW) about the living conditions in some retirement homes.

Korean War Threat: In recent weeks, the regime in North Korea has threatened to attack South Korea, Japan, and the United States. Rhetoric aside, North Korea will likely not follow through with a war that would almost certainly mean the regime's total destruction.

I think that this cartoon is showing how North Koreas long range missiles would have to be sailed closer to America to be able to reach us.

Dead End Track - Matteo Bertelli

Dead End Track - Matteo Bertelli


Usury in global finance systems: Islam religion prohibits usury (Riba) cause it is an opressive regime makes the poor people get poorer and the rich people become more richer.