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Invoker at the Hair Salon

Image result for alchemist chibi dota

Image result for alchemist chibi dota

Clematis are beautiful. They tend to prefer their feet in the shade and their heads in the sun. They even come in double varieties. A favourite is Belle Of Woking.

~Blue Clematis (will survive through the winter; paired well with Vining Roses;

highlights the clouds

This quote has been stuck with me for years. But it's so true. Poor people have dreams too. - Hour of Code: Maze #14 - Hour of Code: Maze #14

Read Chapter 1 from the story Winter by noralighter (Nora Lighter) with 5 reads.

#wattpad #fantasy Through a great storm Queen Aundrey gave birth to a lovely little girl who she named Winter. Little did she know that her beautiful baby daughter was born with a powerful gift of magic. But her gift was also a curse that would cost Winter almost everything and when the time was right she would fulf...