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I begged and love said no Leave me. for dead and let me go by HIM Technical Notes - The hands aren't supposed to fade where the dark color ends. That is supposed to be ink tainted arms .

Gothic Fantasy

Princess Liesbeth, of the Vampyric Sanguinex House of Sempesh, is the last of her family to defy the Faerie co-ruling with her kind. All grown up by she's dangerous & would see them return to being blood-letting slaves for her superior people.

#wattpad #de-todo Por el poder del hada caramelo, te otorgo estos recursos: ChocoTutoriales Piruletapsd Caramelaturas Gominopacks Tartapng Bomboicons No te pierdas ningún dulce! Firmado: CandyQueen

Candy Resources (Recursos de photoshop) - Pack6- Once upon a dark time

Featured in Aftercapture magazine First place in Digital Imaging contest Death Romance Series Model and makeup: Mary Male Model: My boyfriend (: Photographer: Michelle Monique Before/After: Behind .

beautiful gothic art | Gothic Art

Liliana Sanches Davis, aka Princess-of-Shadows, is a passionate artist from Portugal who creates wonder digital artwork with photo manipulation technique.

Extravasais as dores da alma negra que chora calada, Soluça pensamentos inconstantes que dilaceram o sentir! Questões empíricas voam sem resposta, adormecidas na apatia das palavras ditas que percorrem as feridas humanas. Trilham-se caminhos curvos, contornando destinos que se buscam, ainda que não se procurem. As dores da alma, quem não as sente?

the sound of a violin can pull you in to a world of beautiful sadness the tears fall in sweet melody as the heart sings along to the the notes of life they echo on the walls of humanity


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