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I begged and love said no Leave me. for dead and let me go by HIM Technical Notes - The hands aren't supposed to fade where the dark color ends. That is supposed to be ink tainted arms .

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Black layered wedding dress gothic victorian

Erin wears dramatic black outfits that project her power, and sultry darkness.

Towards the Sun by LuneBleu on deviantART

She wasn't just beautiful, he realized, she was radiant. The pale spring sunlight shone through the thick green canopy and made her glow, her skin reflecting the light.

Somewhere in Seahaven... ---

☾ Midnight Dreams ☽ dreamy dramatic black and white photography - gothic maiden

I originally intended to make this all green and black only. I got the idea from, of all places, this webpage:… but the pink weaseled its way in somehow.

f Sorcerer Robes forest hills stream log bridge night full moon midlvl Voice of My Soul

Model: Dayana Melgares #GothicBeauty

Model: Dayana Melgares Wig: EverydayWigs Welcome to Gothic and Amazing…I love that hair color

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Craven of the Rock Tat people, she was crazy from the moment they saw her, but life drew out her dark side.