Willow, Alaska. Id hate to climb those stairs. Better yet get furniture up there. vb

Willow, Alaska - "The “Dr. Seuss” house has about 12 stories,it was built and left unfinished for the almost 10 years, and just recently was finished. The house was dubbed with the name “Dr. Seuss” house by the local people of Willow, Alaska.

More on the Dr Seuss house in Willow Alaska from barnorama.com

Summer view of the whimsical "Dr. Seuss House" - near Willow, Alaska (private property - not open to the public)

What you are looking at is the 300-ft spiral staircase on the wall of the Taihang Mountains in Linzhou, China. It is mandatory that you be under 60 years of age in order to climb these.   We must make a note to ask Led Zeppelin if that lady would be willing to buy this “Stairway to Heaven”?

Spiral Staircase In China

This is the 300 ft spiral staircase on the wall of the Taihang Mountains in Linzhou China. The worlds most terrifying and spellbinding staircases

To view the Dr. Suess House yourself, the best option is to check it out from…

Insane skyscraper cabin in Alaska known as the Goose Creek Tower also known as Doctor Seuss House.

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Valdez glacier, Alaska my home town! I have to go here because its named VALDEZ lol

rock climbing, sorta

The most dangerous hike in the world: Hiking Mt. Huashan in China . a steep trail of great heights (& the 90 degree staircases). South Peak altitude = feet meters) in Huashan, China.