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Woman's (?) signet ring

Roman Gold Ring, comprising of a band crafted with twisted gold strands representing a torque supporting a deep circular bezel decorated with fine filigree, set with a beautifully carved carnelian intaglio, dating to the Century AD ~ETS

14kt gold black and white diamond star and moon vintage signet ring – Luna Skye by Samantha Conn

Omnipotence all power inside, wear for benefits, or use in magic to easy get omni power yourself… ♥ gold black diamond moon and white diamond stars vintage signet ring **features scattered diamonds on the sides of the band

Ancient Jewels and Jewelry | Chromium chalcedony Roman cameo depicting a...

25 BCE - 25 CE) Roman Chromium Chalcedony Cameo of a Julio-Claudian prince in high relief, mounted as a ring in a modern gold setting, the bezel encircled with cabochon rubies.