Cabins by Philip Jodidio.

Cabins by Philip Jodidio. A little early for your Christmas shopping lists, but this 464 page Taschen book is a cabin lovers dream - perfect for the coffee table.

Hey — Handsome Frank Illustration Agency

Verónica, Ricardo and Mikel are the three minds behind the brilliant Hey, a Barcelona based design studio specialising in brand identity, illustration and editorial design.Using geometry, colour and bold typography they’ve developed a strong signature sty

Haute Autorité pour la transparence de la vie publique

The project is for the website of the HATVP and for flyer printingArt direction : Frédéric Fornini

Azovska Ulica - Acrylic on linen on panel.

A selection of architectural paintings by artist Roos van Dijk. Roos van Dijk was born in Utrecht, Netherlands in The artist is fascinated by modern

Royal College of Physicians by Thomas Danthony. Image Courtesy of Black Dragon Press

An Homage to London Brutalism by Thomas Danthony & Michael Abrahamson

London based illustrator and designer, Thomas Danthony created a series focused on Brutalism architecture in London

Illustrator Romain Trystra creates atmospheric cityscapes in his series ‘Réflexions Faites’

Illustrator Romain Trystra creates atmospheric cityscapes in his series ‘Réflexions Faites’

Romain Trystram "Reflexions Faites" Illustrations: Paris-based artist Romain Trystram has created a new series of digital illustrations titled

Les plus grands grattes-ciel illustrés en couleur par Romain Trystram

Graphic Digital Design Drawing High City with Water reflective Dark Blue and Orange Red (Romain Trystram

When Malika Favre was invited on a week-long trip to the Canary Islands to create a series of illustrations for a project called On The Draw, she assumed it was some kind of scam. It seemed too good to be…

Malika Favre designed a beautiful series of geometric prints depicting the local architecture and landscape in Fuerteventura:

Tom Haugomat - South Bank Tower

Thanks for their article about my south bank tower illustrated campaign! by tomhaugomat