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What a blessing to tap into that space within yourself that is so beautiful, authentic, and worthy of expression! Come share yourself with us at Dance Your Inner Wisdom! Monday night, at Dancing the Soul!

"Little deeds of kindness  Little words of love;   Help to make earth an Eden  Like the heaven above."   — Julia Fletcher Carney

Sunshine Daydream Lynn--I want a picture like this this summer!

I should try yoga. flexibility as you get older yoga is great

Yoga senior picture at the beach at sunset. Yoga senior picture idea for girl at sunset. Yoga senior picture idea for girl at the beach.

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jump for joy in Pink! Pink is for JOY. Pink isn't for disease.

"If it's Meant to Be, it'll be." - Bebe Rexha

You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves. ~Mary Oliver- well said dance is for

Freedom is feeling the sun and fresh air on your face, and the wind blowing through your hair... <3<3

Just explains dance! "Set your spirit free. Dance is a great tonic for the soul. Dance and forget about everything, put thought aside and just let the feel good feelings soar within you"

▶ Abraham Hicks  - ♪♫ Things are always working out for me Treatment ... SasM!X / Appreciation, Daily Practice. Ease & Flow. Make Peace With What Is. Relief. | repinned by Loving With Joy

i will take the sun in my mouth leap into the ripe air alive with closed eyes to dash against darkness

Live on the ocean so I can dance on my beach

freedom of the beach.just let go, tickle your toes in the sand. And dance like no one is watching

Bestfriend photo @ashley rene think we can do this!?

Infinity Symbol

I will be your best friend till infinity. Infinity picture with your best friend on the beach.

“She, the first-born daughter of water, faced darkness and smiled, took mystery as her lover and raised light as her child“ ~Saul Williams

I walk to the water with my feet, come to me. The water tells me with the breeeze, come to me. I feel the water surround me, you are me.

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Dance senior picture at the beach at sunset. Dance senior picture idea for girl at sunset. Dance senior picture idea for girl at the beach.