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White Shirt Neck Long Sleeve Shirt                              …

White Shirt Neck Long Sleeve Shirt

Millie/ i went to bed at 6 and didnt wake up to my alarm 12 hours later. Mum walked in my room. I did have to go to school that day.

Flickr Friday

Interesting negative space, has a sincere and gloomy emotion to it. in black and white and dramatic light this could work for my project


white curtains, the idea of coolness. From the originators post: "Sigh. I want my bedroom to feel light and airy like this. Like sleeping in a cloud"

¿sabes dónde van las cosas salvajes?

This photo is similar to Tom Hunters work and I really like the effect that the light gives in the photograph, the colours are quite deep but also still quite powerful even though they're toned down.