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sadnessdollart: ““ Takahashi Macoto ” ” Have I posted this one before? Oh well, it is a masterpiece.

Mermaid style

The Mermaid and the Dragon illustrated by Warwick Goble from The Mermaid by Alfred Lord Tennyson

❤٩(๑•◡-๑)۶❤                                                         Takahashi Macoto

I visited his gallery in Chiba, Japan. His name is Makoto Takahashi and he is over 70 but a nice gentleman! I took pictures with him in Ginza!

vintagegal: “Glynis Johns in Miranda (1948) ”

Mislabeled as: Mermaid. This is Glynis Johns in the movie “Miranda” Great movie. Second movie was Mad About Men made in 1954 in Technicolor. Glynis Johns appears in both films as the mermaid Miranda.