Disney Characters go to College

Disney Characters go to College

This Is What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Went to College - Merida

Disney University :)

"College Rapunzel loves everything. She is studying design and fashion and she is on several university clubs. she also practices martial arts and archery with Shang and Merida.

23 Disney Characters As College Students - i've seen some of these but not all of them! absolutely love them!

Jane - Student of zoology and expert on primates. She loves drawing, walk in the woods and jumping vines (Just kidding XD).She is one of the best students in her class.

Disney University - Elsa and Anna by Hyung86 on deviantART

The two sisters are one of the most popular girls in the University. Elsa is studying Architecture. Anna always looking for new adventures with her boyfriend, Kristoff. She wants to be Preschool Teacher.

Fairytale College Student Cartoons - 'Disney University' Takes Classic Characters Back to School (GALLERY)

Fairytale College Student Cartoons

Fairytale College Student Cartoons - 'Disney University' Takes Classic Characters Back to School (GALLERY) he kinda looks like the lucky charms guy only taller


19 Super-Interesting Facts About Pixars Inside Out Inside Out Families by Kikaigaku on DeviantArt


Stitch is reimagined as an international student (from far, far away) who came to study IT and robotics. His first project in college was to create a robot named Baymax with his best friend Hiro.

もしもディズニーキャラクターたちが現代に生きる大学生だったら | Pouch[ポーチ]

Disney University —Alice, Alice in Wonderland I know that this is silly, but I really want her outfit. The artsy fartsy yet magnificent nerdiness about give me lots of joy.

L'illustrateur Hyung86 a imaginé ce que donneraient les personnages Disney s'ils étaient étudiants : Aladdin Hercules Tarzan Peter Pan Adam (le bête) if(!isMobile()){sas.render('45336');}

Top 24 des « princes » Disney version étudiants

Disney University - Kuzco by Poli-Sci major, hates Chemistry, torn between two girls.

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Merida Sport by ShaniNeko on deviantART - This beats the fashion theme princesses any day of the week.

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Disney University - Quasimodo by Quasi is studying [culture, and architectural design]. He's one of the brightest students of the University. He belongs to the fine arts club. His best friend is Esmeralda (would like to travel to Paris with her).


Disney University - Hiro and Tadashi by Both studying Robotics, friends with Lilo, Stitch, and Milo