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Fifties Happy Housewife ~ cute vintage apron

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I'm a proud and happy housewife. Nothing is better to me in life than taking care of my husband and daughter

Vintage housewife in the kitchen. I would gladly go back in time to be a housewife of the

This kind of represents a semi modern Tessie. The pie she's holding would or could be prop that Tessie would have trying to reason with her husband about a lot of the things that she did or a lot of the things that went down. This picture also represents how I chose to represent Tessie because she's not too maid up but she is pretty and innocent looking.

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Dinah Shore in a Birds Eye frozen food ad Adorable outfit. The red high-heeled ankle strap shoes work with the frilly polka-dot apron.

Pink Dishwasher - detail from 1956 GE ad.

How I hated our top loader dishwasher. Both Mom and I were always short and getting to the bottom rack was nearly impossible. Pink Dishwasher - detail from 1956 GE ad.

I like the perspective.

Roger Wilkerson vintage illustration of a Happy Housewife and her eye-poppingly large fruit pie.

Wow!  Now that's what I called a well stocked refrigerator!

1958 ad pink Wizard Freezer by Western Auto frozen food kitchen Mad Men era housewife - Free U.