Yumiko Higuchi  - no instructions but the pictures are large, so maybe you can guess something close

rorymtoelle: I kind of really want to start doing this (Crush Cul de Sac)

Open Eye Collective: a marca brasileira cria bordados exclusivos inspirados em tatuagens tradicionais;

Bordados exclusivos feitos à mão são inspirados em tatuagens tradicionais

Monogram Ribbon Embroidery Pillow - so pretty! Absolutely stunning, and a great way to try out different ribbons and beads. Link to free monogram initials is somewhere else here on this boards.

How good is this....

Green Cheeked Conur CUSTOM ORDER by cOnieco on Etsy - embroidered bird badges - gorgeous work.

Embroidery Inspired By Nature | Handmade Charlotte

Embroidery Inspired By Nature

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Image result for 70's embroidery