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Iranian photographer Shadi Ghadirian

Tehran, Iran artist Shadi Ghadirian

This photograph, part of Shadi Ghadirian’s “Qajar” series, shows a young woman posing with an object banned under the Iranian Revolution. It’s one work out of many which will be shown at an exhibit at.

Iranian Family

I suppose, this photograph of a proud father with his children comes from Iran or an adjacent country. Unfortunately there is no photographers imprint.

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Tijani Sitou El Hadj Tijani Àdìgún Sitou My Embroidered Boubou and Pretty Radio, 1978 Pigment inkjet print, from original negative 12 x 12 inches x cm) Private collection

Dokunsan ağlayacak gibi oluyormuşum. Asıl dokunmadığın için oluşlarım, anlamıyorsun ki...

Can sadness be beautiful? Lee Jeffries, an amateur photographer proved it with his uncompromising photography. Lee started in photographing homeless people in powerful black and white giving a drama to his portraits.

La Seine Nehri Paris: aforizma

'Woman shopping in Kabul, Afghanistan' for National Geographic Magazine ~ Photo by Thomas Abercrombie

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NASA before Powerpoint, Before the days of Power Point and Prezi, employees at NASA would have to go about conveying their knowledge in a much more laborious way: chalk, board, and likely tears.

The story says: "Here is something different, a Victorian cross dressing couple." Truth: This is a Photoshopped photo, the heads were switched.