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Stem cells pros and cons essay writing The author's comments: This is a persuasive essay I had to write for school. Works Cited "Stem Cell Research - Pros and Cons.

As much as he is impulsive, he is a sweetheart in the whole definition of the word

tea is homophobic im gay and it burned my fingers

Kyuubei | Fuck Gender

i don't need a gender. i'm gonna spend a long time down here, and sometimes up there, so i don't need a fuckin' gender.

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i don't actually play video games, nor am I technically gay (being as Bi as they come) but the pun was too good to pass up

probably when i met you.

Around the time "what was missing" aired on CN in 2011 lol. Marceline and bubblegum were a major queer girl ship and a catalyst for me to realize how I was feeling gayer and gayer, & facilitated me reaching peak levels of gay lmao. thanks Obama