Old country roses

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Old country roses (cabbage roses) for pink wedding . Wedding ideas for brides, grooms, parents planners . … plus how to organise an entire wedding ? The Gold Wedding Planner iPhone App Roses

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Beautiful yellow Ranunculus

Beautiful yellow Ranunculus

Love these lavender ombre peonies

lavender peonies, my favourite flowers !

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Roses in Barcelona by Philippe Tnt

Roses in Barcelona - May 2014 © Picture by Philippe Tnt

50 Things To Be Thankful For

50 Things To Be Thankful For

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An explosion of flowers. Vintage look, not a photo. One of those "reminds me of Grandma" type of things. No it doesnt look like grandma stuff its a picture of beautiful flowers.

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The 1975 poster


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Princess Andromeda romantic shades of pink

~ Spring Pirouettes ~

'Gentle Hermione' English rose by David Austin, in the garden, at Rose cottages and gardens

Ana Rosa -This is the color rose I want for our wedding.

No, I want red and maybe pink--gradients of color. A rainbow :D "Ana Rosa -This is the color rose I want for our wedding.


Yves Piaget Roses The Yves Piaget rose flourishes in a voluptuous swirl of more than 80 lace petals