Zumba minions in car

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Everything you need to know about zumba .

What You Need to Know about Zumba

Zumba: Everybody is talking about this exciting exercise program, but few seem to know much about it.

Zumba!!! My New Addiction

Zumba kids give batter health and fitness to your child. Know how zumba kids give you batter then other?

Happy New Year to all my Zumba buddies! I had a fantastic time shakin' it in 2012 and meeting each of you! Looking forward to more fun in 2013! Zumba on & Zumba !

May your Zumba addiction grow deeper and may you CRAVE the sweat! Sending ZINergy to all my fellow Zumba Instructors and to all Zumba enthusiasts, likers, lovers and addicts! Have a sweaty Zumba year!

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