eternally because THEIR LOVE IS FOREVER

Draco and Hermione - Dramione

Dear Fred, // Your Alleged Secret Love, Hermione

I agree with the previous pinned: "Rowling originally planned Hermione/Fred. I'm glad she switched it, but this is kind of great.

oh, Fred

So cute of that's happened. Because I believe in Romione and I love them, but sincerely Fred and Hermione are cute too. Imagine their story

Cher Granger, Si j'avais choisi le côté de Harry pendant la guerre, aurait-il été une chance que tu me choisis? Amour, Drago.

Poor Draco - a letter to hermione

Oh my feels </3

She got with Ron because she got obliviated by Draco a month before the war started, because he knew if people knew they were together they would hunt Hermione down. So that's that and I'm crying.

Weasley, from James Potter // brb crying

Yessss I like Ron and Hermione but they're cute as well

Dear Granger, I will always love you

<3 awwweee that soooo nice of draco

Words can not express how much I want Dramione to be real.not even my heart can help me express how much I want it.

This made me cry!

I hate how people don't pay attention or care about the fact Colin died. I think that about in OOTP that he got used to Harry and admired him as a great friend and was normal around him.

Originally, Hermione was going to be with Fred. I can totally see that! (Though I'm glad it was Ron.)

To Hermione, from George. Gosh, I ship Romione, but I also like Dramione and Fremione.

Dramione. Oh Yes.

Draco and Hermione

AHHHH DRAMIONE YAS///this is the only fandom in which I ship everyone with everyone

To be honest, I am a fan of a Draco/Hermione pairing. It's actually quite possible and it really is a beautiful concept. Draco learns not to be prejudiced and Hermione learns to forgive.

The lines that I keep wishing that Draco want to say to her

Dear Hermione, // Always, Draco // that's a Peter Pan quote :)

Ok Satan, that's enough.

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Dear Fred, Yours, George

:"( Poor Fred Actually, poor George He had to live without fred