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Harry Potter Pic Dump - Imgur

Harry Potter Pic Dump

This shows how much James loved Lily.I'm actually glad she chose him instead of Snape.You can say,"But James bullied Snape when he was younger",But Snape bullied too, more than one boy, and he never grew out of it.

I am laughing at this. When that's done, I'll start crying. Then next I'll do both simultaneously.  Dramione

Scorpius and rose Draco and hermione it was just meant to be. Malfoys were just meant to fall for the grangers aka weasly

And Eve and Mionie, thanks for being sisters who won't play with Barrie dolls.

Dear Ron, Fred & George, you have been the best brothers I could have ever wished for.

not gonna lie, i cried reading this, yep i'm one of those harry potter people :)

Dear Hermione, I may have the emotional range of a teaspoon, but every single drop was love for you.

well thats nice

Dear Eve, I know you'll likely burn this, but thanks for being my friend when most people only wanted the fame. I know that that's why you were my friend because friends will blow you off randomly.

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Page 2 Read Chapter A face like a smacked arse from the story Office scandal (Dramione) by Always_a_slytherin (Mia 💥) with reads.

It's so funny cuz I'm a ginger and Ginny is my fav and I'm leo ahhh ♡

I am Capricorn and yes, my favorite character is Harry Potter. I am a true Capricorn.

*they get divorced and Dramione happens*

It said in one of the captions on the original I pinned this from that J. Rowling revealed in an interview that Draco actually had feelings for Hermione but didn't bring them up because of his upbringing.>> I started crying

So in case y'all haven't caught up yet, the Potterheads have come to the conclusion that Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy fall in love while they're at Hogwarts together. I honestly ship it too.


She got with Ron because she got obliviated by Draco a month before the war started, because he knew if people knew they were together they would hunt Hermione down. So that's that and I'm crying.