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wabi-sabi. Axel Vervoordt.

AXEL VERVOORDT The Belgian interior architect is a leading figure in his field. With a captivating timeless style, Axel Vervoordt creates minimalist interiors that often have an amazing antique feel.

Interior by Axel Vervoordt

In Wabi Inspirations (Flammarion), Belgium Antiquarian, Art Dealer, and Interior Designer, Axel Vervoordt shares.

Traditional House In Greek Island by Zege7 - look for the other pics too! If I had the money I would have a place just like it in Greece!

Traditional House On Greek Island by Zege

GREECE - We adore this light and airy Greek bedroom, with plenty of open space and traditional features. The snug area for the bed looks really cosy too! Traditional House In Greek Island By Zege

Mes coup cœur ! Location Evénement Privé & Professionnel en Bourgogne ! Courriel : latourdelabergement@gmail.com Site Location vacances  http://latourdelabergement.com Site Evénements  http://www.wedding-labergement.fr/

Hôtel Monteverdi Tuscany à Castiglioncello del Trinoro, Sienne

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WABI SABI Scandinavia - Design, Art and DIY.: Beautiful bowls

I just love this house in Sweden! I like this minimal grey style combined with rustic furniture and natural materials! Concrete details give.

"I have always believed that man is a medium for the expression of what nature offers." - Axel Vervoordt, Wabi inspirations

Evoking Wabi-Sabi principles (of simplicity and humility, the rejection of all that is superfluous or artificial) by Interior designer Axel Vervoordt together with Japanese architect Tatsuro Miki.

Un décor rustique "wabi sabi" dans la campagne allemande - Reportage via le blog kraut-kopf.de

Les inspirations en décoration : Un décor rustique "wabi sabi"

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pulplamp is a lamps collection by enrique romero de la llana made using as only material the paper paste from recycled newspapers, gi.