"Me & My Human" - Aerial Photograph of Lasker Rink in Central Park, 2004.

"Me & My Human" - Aerial Photograph of Lasker Rink in Central Park, Katrin Korfmann

taken at exactly the right time - Поиск в Google

For years past, the famous American magazine “Life” was publishing humorous photos sent by their readers. Most of these pictures were cute and funny scenes taken at exactly the right time.

By myself

At times, she found peace writing her story in the Lake letting the water give her ideas.

Gravitation. Handicapped youngsters were photographed in situations in which their bodies can temporarily give up restrictions in relation to gravity. In one image we see the youngsters caught as they jump into the water.  By Katrin Korfmann.

Incredible Aerial Photography Blends Thousands of Images From Above

Shadow Photography

生き物と影が織り成す美しい模様の世界「Shadow Photography」: DesignWorks Archive

@C Rédit photos Helen Levitt

Trying to make a phone call with the kids jamming into the phone booth too :: Helen Levitt, New York 1982 ::

Photography: Hannah Blackmore  /  Interior: Three Birds Renovation  /   Art: Danielle Cross  It’s the art trend we can’t get enough of – beach aerial photography.  Adorning contemporary and coastal style homes, this style of art is truly  breathtaking. We’ve rounded up our top 4 contenders in the beach  photography market. 1 DANIELLE CROSS  Australian abstract artist Danielle Cross has expanded into photography  lately, and we’re loving what we see. Initially we discovered Danielle’s…

coastal beach style foyer entry entrance, photo of the turquoise clear crystal sea above a wooden table and stool, white walls and floors