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60 DIY Stone Arts and CraftsWe would all surely agree that stones and rocks are few of the most unnoticed material in the world. in the beach, in the forest, in the park and any random places.

What a romantic and fantastic flowery image made of pebbles! Perfect thing for your bedroom to enhance the essence of romance! A beautiful amalgam of various pebble art manifestations! The mesmerizing picture presents the art in its most beautiful sense. A realistic image, unique in its kind and touching minds deeply! You can try it …

Easy DIY Pebble Art

Look to this fantastic project with wood to create an exceptional woodworking designed


Butterfly and Flowers Handpainted Stones, Pebble Art, Stone Art, pallet wood… Shocker! How To Launch Your Own Woodworking Business For Under .

Pebble Art Driftwood Art Pebble Collage by WildWhimsicalNature:

The pictured collage has already been sold, but I would love to make another :) Due to the nature of nature no two will be exactly the same

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Stepping Stones Create remarkable pathways and stepping stones in your lawn or home with this crystal clear tutorial and a lot of stones! If you discover a ston.

Pebble art Seashell art Dragonflies framed by EmilysNatureEmporium

Beach pebbles and seashells (Abalone and other pearled shells) hand selected on the central coast of California assembled into a collage on

Roca de apple de pintado a mano

A great handmade painted stone from me! Is painted on a smooth sea stone which i have collected from a beach on the

Это замечательные и уютные работы от итальянской художницы Микелы Буфалини ( Michela Bufalini ). Какой-то свой, абсолютно авторский взгляд на самую обычную гальку. Она…

Glue on canvas/cardboard, covered in tinfoil, paint raised areas of design.Rebirth by Michela Bufalini - Pebble Art, stones and sticks painted and glued on canvas or board