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Free patterns for fraction pizzas!except we could make a real pizza instead. But I do like the fraction idea :)


Students create their own pizza with toppings then write fractions for each section. Then ask them to add different "toppings" together out of the whole pizza to work with fractions

@Jill Meyers Meyers Meyers Meyers Biteman First Grade Fairytales: Math Monday Linky - Shape Pizzas, a FREEBIE & a Sale !

First Grade Fairytales: Math Monday Linky - Shape Pizzas, a FREEBIE & a Sale ! Perfect, we are learning about the letter P and shapes next week too-kh

Pizza Fractions Project! (via Bloglovin.com )

Pizza Fractions Project! (4th Grade Frolics)

Math - teaching numbers greater or less than. For 4th graders, have them turn over 3 cards each and then compare them to see which is greater or less than, or for those who need a challenge, they can turn over 4 cards

Shark Attack Greater Than, Less Than. This is a great way to introduce the concept of ‘greater than, less than’ to your children. When it comes to children understanding numbers, comparing numbers (Diy School Numbers)

First grade fractions activities and ideas to practice partitioning shapes into equal parts

Pin For this activity, the students will work in groups to partition circles. They will get a ball of play dough, roll it out flat, use a cup to cut a circle, and use a plastic knife to cut the circle until they have cut it in halves or fourths.

Fraction Fun! #fractions #math

Take this idea for binary numbers Make fraction reference cards that double as bookmarks - Simple DIYs for primary students