OH GOSH SO CUTE zen and his baby~ or maybe i should say our?! Aarrgg

Teaching son how to selfie. Another fast doodle. I use ref for this tho because fk hand. Zen with Jin-sun Ryu! Thanks anon for the suggestion~

Choi family | Mystic Messenger Amino

You need to read my previous post to understand this. 😁 Btw I opened a semi-monochrome colored comm

Zen 's son and Jumin 's daughter

They are 15 years too early dad. So I heard you guys starting to ship these two. :’) Update:: Read someone mention about Zen’s psychic dream- OKAY I FORGOT ABOUT.

Mystic Messenger- V, Rika, and Mc #Otome #Game #Anime. Susanghan Messenger

I dont think Rika is a bitch, she isnt mentally well ots not her fault what she did. <<<< Are you fucking insane, she's a bitch

Jumin, Zen, Mystic Messenger

I’ve explored almost every route and now it’s time to make fan art (featuring Bad Joke Daddy ✨)

Aaawww it's seven!

lol I was scrolling and thought it was the default version and sighed and then I scrolled down more and saw my munchkin