since when did annabeth wear purple???

New Percabeth drawing by Viria. // update by a different pinner. This is a now older drawing of them but Viria is amazing isn't she?

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Something Permanent- A Percabeth Fanmix listen “ i. The Call // Regina Spector iii. Safe and Sound // Taylor Swift v.

He's making blue pancakes! Ahhhhhhh!

While others are swooning over the "Percabeth,'' I'm screaming blue pancakes!>>> forget that, percabeth is making blue pancakes

Дом Аида; The Heroes of Olympus;  Герои Олимпа

I need this ship to sail. I will ship Caleo until the end of my days, and if there's a life after that, I'll ship them then. "I'll come back for you, Calypso. I swear it on the River Styxx." --Leo Valdez to Calypso, The House of Hades

Punk Percabeth

Percabeth with Viria's punk-Percy. Mmmmhm my heart I don't think I'm gonna meet anyone like Percy BUT I WANNA 💔💔💔💔