That would so be me the book part -R

Percy annabeth reading book Percabeth<<this is my favorite thing ever because Percy just sits there with her and just-AHHHH


My favorite Greek goddess- Athena - Goddess of Wisdom, Strategy and Combat. Zeus' favorite child born from his own head. The ideal daughter.

Awwwww... [PJO ships. (includes Jiper, Frazel, and the one and only Percabeth) Cute for le Holidays!]

Frazel, Jasper, and Percabeth they forgot Caleo! It took me a while to type Caleo cause my autocorrect kept changing it to Dalek!<<< Are you telling me that your autocorrector is more a whovian than a demigod?

Percy and Annabeth

Yes, yes i see the spider, annabeth<<< It looks more like Percy and his daughter who is obviously Annabeth's mini.