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Henry VII (Henry Tudor, Lancaster heir, so the 'Red rose' emblem) and Elizabeth of York (York heir, so 'White rose') and with their union as King and Queen of England, they put an end to the War of the Roses.

Belle and Adam

More of when Martha falls ill. Scarlet fever AND pneumonia.she'll be lucky to survive.

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The same brooch The same pearls The same love. Beautiful photo of Queen and Prince Philip.

The same brooch The same pearls The same love.

I really do admire Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Phillip.how Prince Phillip has been supporting the queen for the past 60 years.not to mention i think they make a good looking couple too. Long live the Queen and Prince Phillip.

JAMES - SON OF HENRY STUART, Lord Darnley, and Mary Queen of Scots - became King James VI of Scotland in 1567, the year after his birth. He then waited patiently for Elizabeth I to die, when the thrones of England and Scotland might be joined, and in 1589 married Anne of Denmark. The couple had seven children.

James I and VI of England and Scotland, son of Mary, Queen of Scots. As Elizabeth I was childless and the last of the Tudor bloodline, James was next in line since he was descended from Margaret Tudor, the elder sister of Henry VIII.

Elizabeth Woodville, Wife of King Edward IV of England. Not Tudor, but instrumental in the War of the Roses which led to the Tudor dynasty.

Kings and Queens Photo: Elizabeth Woodville, Queen Consort of Edward IV of England

Luckenbooth Brooches from Edinburgh, Scotland (in the 1700's) were traditionally exchanged between lovers on betrothal. Features two intertwined hearts - Scotland's Thistle and Mary Queen of Scot's crown. <> (Scottish, celtic, celts, jewelry)

Celtic: Luckenbooth Brooches from Edinburgh, in the were traditionally exchanged between lovers on betrothal. Features two intertwined hearts, Scotland's Thistle, and Mary, Queen of Scots' crown.

"Could the Sea be Conscious? Research Reveals How Tiny Plankton Behave like a Marine 'Megamind'"...    "Findings could help researchers understand why some species are impossible to grow in isolation." As we study different forms of consciousness, we study ourselves...       http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2278137/Could-sea-conscious-Research-reveals-tiny-plankton-behave-like-marine-microbial-megamind.html#ixzz2L1FJJLRU Thanks to the Schwartz Newsletter for posting.

Could the sea be conscious? Research reveals how tiny plankton behave like a marine 'megamind'

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Henry II had Eleanor imprisoned for the next 16 years. In 1189, Henry died and Eleanor of Aquitaine's favorite son, Richard the Lionheart, became king (his older brother Henry had already died). Richard soon went away on the Third Crusade, leaving his mother as regent of England.   Eleanor survived Richard and lived long into the reign of her youngest son, King John. Like his brother, King John respected his mother and heeded her advice so that even at the age of 77,

Retro Brit: Eleanor of Aquitaine 1124 - 1204 (Queen of France then Queen of England)

Queen Alexandra & her sister,Empress Maria,in a beautiful sun room,circa 1880s

returntodecency: the-last-tsar: Queen Alexandra and Maria Feodorovna.