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Life-Sized Female Sculptures Inspired by the Graceful Beauty of Renaissance Art

Chinese artist Luo Li Rong produces realistic sculptures that convey the beauty and grace of the human figure. Working primarily in bronze, her life-size creations feature women in motion. They strike elegant poses that el .

Les Premières Funérailles (The First Mourning), 1878-1883, by Louis-Ernest Barrias (1841-1905), a French sculptor of the Beaux-Arts school. Marble sculpture of Adam and Eve carrying Abel who has been murdered by his jealous brother Cain. A magnificent synthesis of neo-classical, romantic and realistic schools. Height 220 cm. - Petit Palais, Paris

The first funeral (Adam and Eve carrying their son Abel) - Louis-Ernest Barrias, Petit Palais, Paris.

Fully-adjustable, realistic figurines for drawers, sculptors and digital artists

Fully-adjustable, realistic figurines for drawers, sculptors and digital artists

Clay Hand Sculpture:


Sculpted hand - This shows a clay sculpture which had been cast in silicone then painted. A great deal of surface texture had been added at the sculpting stage so that when they were cast in silicone and painted, they give an extremely realistic look.

Berlinde de Bruyckere  http://www.hauserwirth.com/artists/6/berlinde-de-bruyckere/biography/

Replete with details of mottled orifices, tumorous bulges, sexless clefts and ragged cavities, Berlinde de Bruyckere is exacting in her observation of the fragile human form. The jagged emaciated a…