Dream home office courtesy of What does your dream space look like? Share your small space photos using and you could win UO decor, bedding, and room accessories to make it happen.

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Fireplace in bedroom, vaulted ceilings in bedroom, neutral bedroom, blue rug in bedroom, bold rug in bedroom

I love the black and white, very clean and well organized space. One thing i need more of, i have NO storage space at my current home office desk

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Image via Gravity Home For those living in small homes, especially tiny studio apartments, it can often seem like little can be done.

Ophangrek bureau

Binnenkijken bij Fleur en Nick in Nijmegen - The hanger is really bold - a functional object yet vivid triangular shape

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What happens to your home office when you go back to working away from home? It gets destroyed! That’s what happens. I went back to work in…

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