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Steel and Oak Brewing Co on Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery — Designspiration

This packaging appeals to people on the go that haven't had time to get lunch.

15 Ejemplos de Packaging creativo

This power lunch design is adorable and quirky, and bound to get noticed on your stores shelf or on your customers desk. by fannie

Caja automontable en #cartón para @verdebotella  y sus "Glass objects made by hand" #packaging #cardboard

Caja automontable en #cartón para @verdebotella y sus "Glass objects made by hand" #packaging #cardboard

Jako, że ostatnio jestem miłośnikiem herbaty sypanej, nie mogło tu zabraknąć i takiej identyfikacji wizualnej marki :)

These product mockups are amazing. They look completely real and the design on them works very well to sell the product. The design also makes the packaging look very appetizing.

Lolea : 可愛い、カッコイイ、おしゃれなお酒のボトル、集めました。 - NAVER まとめ

A showcase of the packaging and branding design for Spanish sangria company, Lolea.


Not tin, but oh, my! Artea Tea set, hand-made style designed for creative persons. The consumer has the choice to make the tea they want which coincides with their mood and situation.

water packaging 8

Water Packaging

What a great retake on the wine bottle. I bet you get less spills too!

a subtle change to the neck of a bottle and bob's your uncle, fanny's your aunt, etc


Packaging - Diseño Grafico + yapa (arreglado)

Brown paper packaging with simple branding

Creamwheat concept packaging

idea: adopt a design with a surface feel Pretty and organic design, and again…pastel colours are beautiful / Student Work - Kate Mikutowski - Lovely Package