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THIS IS SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS SO TRUE! Not just for a football player. Anyone who plays a sport, not including cheerleading (which is a sport and is just as bad if you do it correctly), and thinks swimming isn't as bad as their sport.

Lena, Yaroslav, me, Chiara, ha! What shampoo, Emma, everyone when we do fly,  Macrae, Colton , and Syd!

One who finishes before you: Veronique Super fast one: Sam Never understands the set: me- sometimes (but normally it's the warmup, not main set) One who's never satisfied with his or her time: girl (forgot her name!) Injured one: Ty Gossiper: Catrice New

It's funny cause it's true!!!!

i go on youube just to watch a music video and 5 hours later, there i am watching a tutorial on how to talk to a giraffe

BOOM bitch, in ya face :')

This would be me and my brother 😂👏 This soon-to-be ex-girlfriend. People Who Just Lost Their Texting Privileges

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17 Differences Between Men And Women - Stereotypical but obviously has bases of truth

So true today at swim.....dang it how did that wall move!!!!!<<this is so me, I'm a beginning swimmer, and my flip turns are awful

So true today at swim.dang it how did that wall move!<<this is so me, I'm a beginning swimmer, and my flip turns are awful

Life of a volleyball player #tennisproblems #soccerproblems

Life of a volleyball player #tennisproblems #soccerproblems

i could not have said it better my self!

People are just real stupid and don't understand life. That's why swimmer would rather be fish.