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Marlon Brando and his sweet white cat

Marlon Brando (so handsome) & kitty ! He loved cats. One of the cats in the film The Godfather was a stray hanging around the movie set .

When I grow up...

Edwardian Girl with cat photo card. Girl in photo is in many other photos. Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

Vintage photo.....wonder why they went to all this trouble to dress their pets up for a photo???

"Puppy 'mother' in costume holding kitten 'baby'." Like millions of other kitties, this one was probably adopted. Photo by Harry W. Frees via shorpy

Marlon Brando. This picture had me when I saw the typewriter. I didn't even KNOW there would be a cat. -R

Celebrities Are Cat People Too - Marlon Brando with Cat - Photo by Murray Carrett Cats were seen as good luck charms by actors, and the cats often helped cure the actors' stage fright.

Marlon Brando white t too cool for school

Here is a new part of rare photos of famous people. Actors and actresses, musicians, movie directors, etc. Tupac Shakurcolor= Here is a new part of rare photos of famous peopl

Marlon Brando Young Life archive

From a photo set by Edward CLARK in the LIFE archive of Marlon Brando preparing for his 1950 film debut "The Men".

Marlon Brando, look at his killer smile!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

A real matinee idol in his younger years, Marlon Brando is best known for the legendary movie, The Godfather. He's also considered one of the greatest actors of all time.

Imagem de http://41.media.tumblr.com/7d6199500a475ac36d0552e0a2573ea7/tumblr_mkp0gjxRir1rz5aneo1_500.jpg.

This slideshow features sexy pictures of young Marlon Brando, many of which are black and white and feature him in his prime (mid to late twenties). The legend (Pag.

Literally the only one man in the world who could look this hot while showing you a mouthful of partially chewed fruit. During a break on the set of 'A Streetcar Named Desire,' 1951.

21 Awesome Vintage Photos Of Celebrities Eating

Photos: Hollywood’s Bad Boys, from Humphrey Bogart to Alec Baldwin The simmering id, the glint in their eye—the barely contained sex appeal of Hollywood’s bad boys through the ages. By Vanity Fair

Marlon Brando 1966. 할리우드 전설의 배우. 비토 콜리오네! - Repost from OVADIA & SONS(on Pinterest)

Marlon Brando photographed on the set of A Countess From Hong Kong by Eve Arnold in

Marlon Brando. Considered the first method actor. However, back in the day Gary Cooper was and still is today considered the first.

Marlon Brando is considered the first method actor. Gary Cooper was & still is today considered the first.

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"Everything collided just right to make Marlon [Brando]. God and luck and will made Marlon."--Kim Hunter on Marlon Brando/Interview with James