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Great White Shark Attacks - Great white shark attacks far outrank other shark attacks. How many great white shark attacks have occurred and why do these sharks attack?

I may have laughed a little too hard!


Funny pictures about Truth About Sunbathing. Oh, and cool pics about Truth About Sunbathing. Also, Truth About Sunbathing photos.

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Funny pictures about The Power Of A Baby. Oh, and cool pics about The Power Of A Baby. Also, The Power Of A Baby photos.

The Fashionable Cardigan - http://blackcardigan.net/the-fashionable-cardigan

Its a cardigan, but thanks for noticing! Favorite line from the movie!

Oh, now I want to watch Bill Cosby: Himself. This isn't it, but this joke is in it.

Bill cosby on a feeling all mothers know

When mothers can’t remember your name…. Bill Cosby himself stand up! My favorite!


I just want to know who the hell told them babies smell like flowers

I have done this before...no shame

using a kindle as a bookmark. I've used books as bookmarks in other books before, but never a kindle.

It's Not Easy Being Short-Sighted

It’s Not Easy Being Short-Sighted

The struggle is real! Wearing glasses in the rain. This is why on most rainy days, I'll pop in the contact lenses.

Whatever floats your goat :)

Whatever floats your goat. I have used this instead of "whatever floats your boat" for about a year. Now I have a picture to prove that I'm not completely insane :)