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these keys tell a story / piano / photography

Life is like a piano. Black keys for the bad times and white keys for the good. Played together they make beautiful music and a beautiful life.

// she sat at the piano and played, her fingers dancing slowly over the keys, pounding out dark fifths and octaves, and I found that the notes echoed the darkness in my soul.

Norway-based photographer Xin Li creates images with an emotional depth to them. Whether she shoots a straightforward portrait of a young woman or a close-

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Осенний декор: 10 красивых идей для дома

Percy's stuff set out and ready for the day. Here you see her worn out combat boots, her hat to combat the sun, a cardigan (it's a cool fall day), and her favorite flowered prairie skirt.


Quick write: mood and setting piano with rose petals.How did the rose petals wind up on the piano?