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Honesty is key

Always keep it real ✌️

Instagram photo by @momentaryhappiness (☀️ CHARLOTTE FREEMAN ☀️) | Iconosquare

Instagram photo by @momentaryhappiness (☀️ CHARLOTTE FREEMAN ☀️) | Iconosquare

One Day At A Time  . #CiciB . #thecrimsonkiss

-I am human and I am allowed to have failings and flaws, same as anyone. And I am allowed to feel cheated and sad that single is just the way things are going to be, not the way I want things to be.

Passive aggressive is not for me.I do not ignore texts or rude comments.

It's okay. -Mr. Amari Soul  "Reflections Of A Man" is now available on Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo and Amazon in both the paperback and Kindle editions! http://www.amazon.com/Reflections-Man-Mr-Amari-Soul/dp/0986164704/ref=as_sl_pc_tf_til?tag=mramso-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=NMM5T6TFKAL5G64F&creativeASIN=0986164704

I cant n wont.only I know what I face and will continue to do so alone till I remove myself from the situation completely.

It is magic every time thinking back of every word we spoke. Of the time you were so real in front of my sedated eyes. Of when you went right off because I didn't put your name in capital. But you, and everything that comes with you, is already so bold that it makes me feel amusing at how ignorant those who question God; because who else could've created one like you, the one that took my breath away, the one that doing it everyday!

your words are so utterly beautiful

☀️ CHARLOTTE FREEMAN ☀️ (@momentaryhappiness) • Instagram photos and videos #Instagram

That time of the week again! Just some quick midweek motivation from me today. Hope you are all having a fantastic week.


You will always be too much of something for someone don't apologize for who you are be yourself and the right people will love you Life and Self Quote

I may not be living my dreams yet, but I am already grateful for all the things that have broken my heart, molding me into the person I am today.

"The pain made you fight to succeed" -Mia Sheridan

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never a dull ache. // intricacy makes it hurt.

Don't romanticize the past

Sad Love Quotes : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Life Quote x. // my new books Playing With Fire and The Wild Heart are available via the link on the home page xo Love Beau Sharing is Caring


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Good Morning ... #HAIRbyLatise

Good Morning ... #HAIRbyLatise

Grey's anatomy quote. Very well said

Probably one of my favorite Grey's Anatomy quotes.


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Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next.

Gilda provides an eloquent view of this perplexing, joyous and sometimes painful experience, I