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For some reason this makes me think of Lady Godiva...

The Oregon Long Maned Wonder Horses - Legends say that the original Oregon Wonder horses had been captured from a wild herd that roamed freely through the mountains of Oregon. In reality, they appear to have been bred from draft horses.

The eye has it . . . Be a great charcoal drawing....possibly using water color or paint wash underneath for the golden highlights and use the charcoal layered on top for depth

"In the steady gaze of the horse shines a silent eloquence that speaks of love and loyalty, strength and courage. It is the window that reveals to us how willing is his spirit — how generous his heart." Eye of the Horses www.

If i won the lottery i would save a lot of it but one thing i would buy is a horse. I love horses and owning a horse would be a dream come true.

*love your horse ♥

Girl hugging sitting horse on the beach. Beautiful sunset photography, night is falling and it is getting dark, so pretty. Black Freisan and girl in black dress, surf is just beyond them with the waves breaking and view of ocean in the background.

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I love black horses,think it goes back to my childhood fave film The Black Stallion