Space with women portrait sleeve tattoo - Could definitely mean that she is your world. You can promise the moon and stars for her and it would feel like being lost in a wonderful dimension when you’re with her. Clearly perfect for guys who have found the love of their lives; or even for those who truly love their mothers, sisters and grandmas.

40 Space Tattoo Ideas

50 Earth Shattering Space Tattoos That Are Literally Out Of This World - TattooBlend

Te compartimos algunas ideas de hermosos tatuajes para que por fin decidas darle mucha más vida a esa parte de tu cuerpo.

Tatuajes en la espalda que las mujeres amarán

Done by Big Gus, tattoo artist at Art Junkies Tattoo Studio (Hesperia, CA), USA - Rate & review your tattoo artist. #tattoo #tattoos #ink #TopRatedTattooist

Done by Big Gus, tattoo artist at Art Junkies Tattoo Studio (Hesperia, CA), USA --thus has to be one of the best tattoos I've ever seen♡ I'm in love with it

Jamie Lee Parker - Outer space Tree tattoo half sleeve

Outer space Tree tattoo half sleeve by Jamie Lee Parker - This was a great concept to work from. Zach is a fan of the movie the fountain so we designe

For Jordan

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Somewhat mystical tattoo definitely choice of a great lover of the sea and sailing.

60 Hourglass Tattoo Ideas

Symbolic meaning of the hourglass is emphasizing the importance of time and that the available time is running out.

space full sleeve tattoo - Full sleeve tattoos are really great to look at especially when you’ve got a wonderful design. The colors of the universe plus the amazing scenes that happens in space is surely a design worthy of a full sleeve.