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Nafplion, Greece

Nafplio, Greece--I was here for less than an hour. It was the original capital of Greece. The bay was absolutely beautiful!

Oitylo village, Peloponeso, Greece

Counting down until summer!^ Amazing colors of the Mediterranean in Oitylo village, Peloponnese , Greece

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Tsepelovo village, at Zagori Epirus Region, Zagorohoria, Greece

Greece, definitely a country on the list of places to go! Always been a dream, isn't hard to see why ;)

Santorini is a magical and romantic Greek island in the Agean Sea. I have always dreamed of venturing there and one day I will.


Santorini, Greece - The most beautiful island in Greece. Some say that Santorini is part of Plato's Atlantis, it's up to you if you wanna call it like that, anyway the island is magical. My team created the Top Destinations and Santorini was part of them.