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So beautiful

Last comment: "Given the markings on this wolf I think this is a. Mix of husky and wolf, beautiful animal." Me: All I see is an Alpha Wolf.

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(11+) Dogs that Look Like Wolves

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Sent to me by my husband for hopefully a morning smile ...  Actually melted my heart

My heart just melted…

Sent to me by my husband for hopefully a morning smile . Actually melted my heart << Mine too! Thank you strange persons husband!

What a sweet little Heeler :)

What a sweet little Heeler :) They are white when born and develop their colors as the get a few weeks older. so precious!

Blue Bay Shepherds

Although this is a beautiful pup, I'm not a fan of wolf hybrids, which is exactly what this is. I've worked with wolves enough to know they cannot be trained like a domesticated dog - I know this because I'm a dog trainer of German Shepherds.

Bella the Australian Shepherd

Bella is a miniature Australian shepherd and 11 weeks old. Our first week with Bella was at the beach. She is a true fan of the sand.