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#YaSascom Learn Popular Greek Language Greetings: Hello, good-bye, yes, no, my name is, and more at http://yasas.com/greek/language/travel-phrases/

Do you know that Γειά σου (Ya-sou) means both hello and good-bye in the Greek language? Learn more travel phrases for tourists here.

(The different types of *love* in scripture & the meanings of each type) στοργή- storge refers to the natural affection parents have for their children; ἔρως - eros is romantic love; φιλία - philia is friendship; and ἀγάπη -agape is unconditional love, the love God has for us. St. Paul employs the word agape!

The Greek alphabet and language help one appreciate nuances of meaning in the Greek Septuagint Old Testament and the New Testament of the Bible.

אני אוהבת זה!!!

Where the English words say "the Lord", the original Hebrew spells "YHVH (Yahwhey). We are to love Yahwhey and call upon His name, praising Him. In Hebrew, the word for "lord" is "ba'al". Ba'al was a pagan god.

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Important Rules to Remember When Learning Ancient Greek Part 1

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Basic Greek

Basic Greek

Learn common Greek language phrases! Tip: Use the transliteration (in red) to perfect your pronunciation.

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Learn how to greet in the Romanian language. Tip: Use the transliteration (in red) to perfect your pronunciation.

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