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"The Kiss Of Life" Electrical Line Man gives mouth to mouth to his co-worker after he had his heart stopped by electrocution.This intervention saved his life.He was eventually brought to the ground and revived by cpr by the time paramedics came. 1967.

The Kiss of Life by Rocco Morabito. This 1967 award-winning photo entitled "Kiss of Life" shows two power linemen, Randall Champion and J. Thompson, at the top of a utility pole.

Un diseño de brasier de los años 40’s y 50’s. ¡Y tú pensando que los jóvenes de hoy no tienen vergüenza!

22 Fotos históricas raras que jamás te enseñaron en la escuela

22 Rare Photos You’ll Never See in Textbooks

This mother was crushed by debris during the earthquake in China. She shielded her 3 month old son with her body. The baby was still sound asleep when the rescue workers found him. There was a cell phone inside the flowery blanket, and on it was a text message that said, "If you can survive, you must remember that I love you." (If THIS isn't love, I don't know what is!)

Cinta Sejati Seorang Ibu

♥ A MOTHER'S LOVE NEVER FALTERS ♥This is a true story of Mother’s Sacrifice during the Japan Earthquake. After the Earthquake had subsided, when the rescuers reached the ruins of a young woman’s house, they saw her dead body through the cracks.

1981 Pulitzer prize winner of assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan

16 Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photos That Shocked The World

Secret Service agent Tim McCarthy clutching his stomach after being shot during the assassination attempt of President Ronald Reagan [[MORE]] VIDEO FOOTAGE Timothy J. “Tim” McCarthy (born June is the current Chief of police of Orland Park,.

bonjour mimounah - march 2014

bonjour mimounah - march 2014

Can use these pictures to describe what famous people used to be like (imperfecto) Famosos de jóvenes. Como han cambiado? Como son diferentes ahora?

Celebrity yearbook photos lil jon, Ryan seacrest and Justin beiber got me

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50 Laundry Storage And Organization Ideas

Fun Home Things: 10 Laundry Room Ideas. The counter atop the washer/dryer and shelf above with room for hangers is all SO great! Fun Home Things: 10 Laundry Room Ideas.

If you're a fan of rustic industrial decor then you need to check out these creative ways to use corrugated metal in Interior Design. UpcycledTreasures.com

Creative ways to use corrugated metal in Interior Design.

Love the coat rack wall! Sustainable Mountain Home - rustic - Laundry Room - Sacramento - Heller Construction, Inc.

The easiest way to organize wreaths - Ask Anna

The Easiest Way to Organize Wreaths

The easiest way to organize wreaths - HangerJack