there's a murphy bed behind that quilt.  La Bella Vie: Now you see it now you don't...

Hidden Murphy bed behind sewing table in my sewing studio, from sweetpea-labellavie. She has a wonderful sewingroom, with lots of pictures. This is exactly what I want to do in my Sanibel sewing room.

If I won the lottery and I could have any room I wanted for my quilting/sewing crafting room...this would be the one!!  I would hand them this picture and say please make it look like this!  lol It would have to be the lottery though since there is no way my disability check would cover this!!!

I might have to agree with this statement.If I could take one quilting room and say "THIS IS MY DREAM QUILTING & SEWING ROOM" This would be the one! everything I could ever DREAM of having is right here down to the longarm set up!

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Cutting table covered with batting and fabric. Perfect for ironing, use a cutting mat for fabric cutting.

Use my antique kitchen island from earlier kitchen for the center of the room. I can cut fabrics, add storage to the room and add charm and character to the room!

There used to be four bar stools around the island.  K. reworked the space so there is real storage (not stuff under the stools)!  The island top is now bigger, so my ironing board fits perfectly.  Maybe I can keep this worktop clear of clutter...

Craft room island makeover is complete! Maybe my kitchen island can be used in my craft room

The craft table with iron pad from different angle. It's great because it sill folds down leaving more room to move around!

Craft countertop / table / island with storage cubes underneath and folding sides. Cover one side with padding and add ironing cover/pad over top. (Staple like uphostery.) can I cover one side of my cutting table?

Make a skirt for around my temporary sewing table?  I could hide all of my crap :)

Make a skirt for around my temporary sewing table? I could hide all of my crap :)