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Castle Black sounds like Heaven to me!

Can you believe that Ralph Lauren finally agreed to make GoT merch? And Kit wears it all the time according to this add.

Jon Snow in ‘The Dragon and The Wolf’ 7.07

Kit Harington Thought Of Donald Trump During This Pivotal Game Of Thrones Scene

Best Star Wars and Game of Thrones mashup ever!

Funny pictures about Star Wars vs. Game of Thrones. Oh, and cool pics about Star Wars vs. Game of Thrones. Also, Star Wars vs. Game of Thrones.

Main Differences Between Game of Thrones Show and Books http://geekxgirls.com/article.php?ID=5907

Main differences between Game of Thrones and the books- SOME ERRORS! For example, Gendry should have been in book 1

The North Remembers

The North Remembers. In ASOIAF, anyway. In Game of Thrones both Jon and Sansa are sucking up to the man who helped orchestrate the Red Wedding, the man now occupying their home, Winterfell. Beyond annoyed with David & Dan

Kit Harington - Jon Snow - GoT

should I switch my clarke or rey account to a jon snow account? of thrones# best HBO series ever.